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"Snatch" is a dangerously addictive game, although valkyriekaren and I have managed to cut down to three games this weekend. All of which she won. Hrmmmmm.

Anyhoo, the weekend started, like they generally do, on Friday night. This one had the added bonus of a Rome Burns gig at the Boat Race, which was great fun, although it did cause me to a) tart lots and b) attempt to dance, and apparently scare the new boy in the band ;)

Got some pics (see last post), but my digicam's not really up to that sort of photography, so I had to gimp them quite heavily, with non-perfect results. Should have bought a Rome-Burns T-shirt, but didn't have the cash on me, so I've asked Nev to get hold of one for me.

Saturday comprised bacon sarnies for brekkie followed by lunch at Kymma, thence general wandering-around-town (picked up some Cambridge honey at the market in an anti-hayfever attempt) which somehow got us to Games & Puzzles, a shop run by friends of ours. There we tested the merchandise by firing rubber-band guns at each other (no, I don't need one, really), taking the mick out of each other, and playing the first game of Snatch, which resulted in the shop staff vowing never to play either of us at it ever again.

Thence to the beerfest, which commenced with a bun containing 9 inches of sausage (pre-cooked length), and continued with various beers & ciders, good and bad. After a few, we decided that variety was the better part of valour and went to drink in the KSR instead. Came home slightly earlier than Karen to rest, and as a result got a great night's sleep. Today was thus spent paying for oversleeping by feeling groggy (it may just be too warm in this flat), and playing Snatch while realising that my predatory edge was lacking (or it may just have been survival, not pointing it at Karen).

Now I have mead, am listening to The Wall, and have suddenly realised I need to mail Nev before I go kip.

Life's good.
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