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Grin with cat attached

I miss all^H^H^Hsome of the fun...

Sorry to have missed b-movie last night, but Thursday's blackout left me convinced that I should do something about my exhaustion levels, so I was in bed at about 9:30. This meant I could get up at 8:30 this morning having already had a good night's sleep, and actually make it to Bourough Market. Via Pimlico; oops, don't *read* when you're only going one stop from Brixton.

Only planned to pick up a couple of things, but *that* never works, so I had to come back home afterwards to empty the rucksack before heading back out to the day's main plan; a trip to the London Wetland Centre. Via Jacob's photographic; no point trying to photograph wild waterfowl with a maximum lens of 55mm (x1.6). Well that's my excuse.

Anyway, *very* fine afternoon down at the LWC; distinctly warm, but very pleasant and worth an afternoon's visit. Then back via only Sainsbury's, and roast veg shortly.

I'll try and get some photos out shortly - but I promise nothing as regards quality as I'm entirely new to this camera/lens.

ETA Pictures at
Some crops, no other retouches. Frankly life's too short; even *browsing* 8Mpx images on this laptop is painful.
ETA2 Descriptions added to images, comments welcome.

A couple of events for your diaries upcoming:

Tomorrow: Spitalfields Green fair

August 1-5: Great British Beer Festival. Featuring, I'm told, a cider bar with 60 options.
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