Can anyone tell me what the hell the purpose of "easy cook" rice… - Grin with cat attached
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Aug. 14th, 2006 08:57 pm
Can anyone tell me what the hell the purpose of "easy cook" rice actually is?

Today was something of a non-starter; got a moderate amount done but it really didn't feel like it. Tubes were screwed to and from work (although the Circle line appears to count as "normal service" with 15 minute gaps), so I got home not far shy of 8, although I did then manage to cook a fairly enjoyable dinner.

Now I just want to curl up on the sofa and doze until bed.

From: kelemvor
Date: August 14th, 2006 - 09:07 pm (Link)
I think that it might have been an apprentice marketeer's masterpiece...
From: nou
Date: August 14th, 2006 - 10:15 pm (Link)
Easy-cook rice (at least the brown variety) works well in dishes where you put the rice in with lots of other ingredients but don't want it to leak too much starch; for example, jambalaya, or beans-and-rice. Some people like the sauce-thickening that comes from the starch leaking out, but I don't. I buy easy-cook brown rice mostly because it works very well (and holds up nicely in the freezer) in variants on this.
From: valkyriekaren
Date: August 15th, 2006 - 08:30 am (Link)
Hmm. I made jambalaya last night using paella rice, and it worked quite well... maybe I'll try it with easycook next time and see what difference it makes.
From: nou
Date: August 15th, 2006 - 02:35 pm (Link)
I can't speak for non-brown easy-cook rice, since I only get the brown variety. I wish more kinds of brown rice were easily available.