A very well-spent Saturday - Grin with cat attached
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A very well-spent Saturday Aug. 19th, 2006 08:42 pm
I woke up this morning with no plans for the weekend and was therefore moderately bored by 10:30; in search of things to do I took a quick look at the latest "This week" email from meetup.com. By sheer luck it told me that there was a London Photographer's Group meetup happening 2.5 hours later! So today I've been hiking around Hamstead Heath with about a dozen photo enthusiasts, getting rather more exercise than my legs are used to, plenty of fresh air, and probably about 300 photos.

Shortly I shall sort through those and find some decent ones to post here; but right now I'm back home, glowing slightly with a day's sun and exercise, and feeling very happy with the day.