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Brixton chaos this morning Sep. 25th, 2006 09:45 am

ETA: There seem to have been at least two nightclub shootings in London over the weekend. There was a major police operation going on this morning outside the Fridge with the whole of Brixton Hill sealed off and SOCO all over the place. The above link suggested that there had been a shooting there early this morning; it was the only source that suggested *anything* had happened in Brixton. It appears to have been pulled/replaced.

ETA2: Updated here: http://www.lse.co.uk/ShowStory.asp?story=GE2529364Y&news_headline=probe_as_two_men_shot_outside_nightclub
(thanks ciphergoth).

Why this is of no interest to the BBC is beyond me...

From: cookwitch
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 08:48 am (Link)
Gosh, people were up at 4.55am on a school night?

I must be getting jaded. I never seem to be shocked by shootings at nightclubs any more. In Romford most of the pubs have to have at least two bouncers now, let alone the night clubs. Crazy.


From: snesgirl
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 09:22 am (Link)
the scala is nowhere near brixton though ?

Re: ummmh.

From: dennyd
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 09:48 am (Link)
The Scala article I can see (Murder Hunt After Club Shooting Victim Dies) only mentions one person being shot. The 'double-shooting' link loads a blank article for me, not sure what's going on there.

Re: ummmh.

From: dennyd
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 09:55 am (Link)
The Google News summary for that article (I searched for 'Brixton shooting') suggests that it should say something like:

Double shooting at south London nightclub
Life Style Extra, UK - 1 hour ago
Two men are in hospital, one in a serious condition, after a shooting at the Fridge nightclub in Brixton. [...]

Re: ummmh.

From: dennyd
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 10:02 am (Link)
Further investigation on some UK dance music forums suggests that the venue asked for the story to be pulled as it was factually inaccurate. They're saying that both men were shot outside the venue, then one was carried inside for medical attention - the story claimed that the shooting started inside the venue.

Re: ummmh.

From: ciphergoth
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 10:54 am (Link)

Re: ummmh.

From: ladycat
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 01:20 pm (Link)
Can you mail me the forum links? I've a friend who used to work there who is scrabbling for info. Also, do you fancya drink after work? It looks like I'm walking if they're still shut!

Re: ummmh.

From: dennyd
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 01:40 pm (Link)

See also the revised article link posted by ciphergoth in this thread.

The HF thread says that nobody who worked at the venue was hurt, if that's your friend's main concern.
From: webcowgirl
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 10:19 am (Link)
I'm totally confused. What did this have to do with the streets being blocked off this morning?

What I mean is ...

From: webcowgirl
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 10:22 am (Link)
I click it and its a blank page, and none of the articles say antying about South London.
From: zotz
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 11:13 am (Link)
From: funky_firelord
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 11:50 am (Link)
Why this is of no interest to the BBC is beyond me...

It was on the BBC London radio this morning.

From: ladycat
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 01:17 pm (Link)
It is on the BBC, but with few details about the Brixton shootings. It took me nearly 2 hours to travel the 5 miles to work, and I had to limp all the way down Brixton Hill. Gah! Can't poor dead people choose a more convenient place and time?
From: ladycat
Date: September 25th, 2006 - 01:19 pm (Link)
Correction, they're not dead.