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I have got a *serious* motivation problem going on here.

Being stuck on the same piddling little code fragment will do that to you, it's like being told to "make a key" - a simple task, unless no-one will tell you anything about the lock it's to fit, and it takes you 2 months to find that the design for the lock hasn't been approved yet, and half the mechanism hasn't even been planned for. But that's no help; if the project's late for want of a key, it's going to be my fault, so I have to try and kick myself into working when I'd far rather be home, well, reading an email. I've given my work routine one clout so far this week; I'm aiming to get in earlier, so far 0855 and 0905 this week, 0900 being the target - completely pointless in terms of achievement, but wtf, it makes me look like a "team player". 'Tis all bollox anyway. This is why I'm more interested in ciphergoth's little engineering riddle than the document I should be writing.

Oh and I *really* wasn't expecting this in response to my little purchase [private item, you may not be able to see it]. I've no idea whether to be apologetic or embarrased... anyone been in this scenario before?

I just wanna go home.......

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