Nope, I'm not in Whitby - Grin with cat attached
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Nope, I'm not in Whitby Apr. 29th, 2007 07:23 pm
I'm at webcowgirl's place in Putney, about to cook myself (well, nuke) some dinner. Just got back from Richmond Park, which I've been cycling around and flying a kite in - with mixed success, as the wind's pretty low. Well, it was, of course now I've left it's picked up.

The kite's the one I picked up at the Streatham Kite day a week back; a Highywaymen Warp 9 for any kite-geeks reading this (well, you never know...). Last week I was trying to fly it for the first time, in a crowded location and on short lines as I didn't want to smack it on anyone's head - and I was hammering it into the ground fairly frequently as a result. Today I had a little more wind, long lies and much more space, and was feeling much more in control of it and enjoying it a great deal. For some reason the kite seems to pull a little to the left, but generally behaves itself; I was spinning it around the sky a bit and even managed a few tail landings when the wind dropped out. I've now got that mild buzz you get when you've had plenty of sun and fresh air, and life feels generally good. I must make sure I get out with the kite plenty as it seems to be good for me. I'm also planning to start indoor climbing lessons in a few weeks, which should also help get me a bit more into shape. And, as a result of Denny's energetic twittering, I'm vaguely tempted to find my way up to Spitz.

Today was a good contrast to yesterday, too - which I spent in a moderately knackered state at work as part of the company strategy day. But, half the meetings were outside, it was a short day, we got loads done, and I get a day off in lieu later in the year. So despite having only had a 1-day weekend, I'm feeling pretty good right now.