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The internet's full of them... Jun. 12th, 2007 05:49 pm
"CIRCLE LINE (ANTI-CLOCKWISE): Minor delays are occurring due to lack of available trains."

OK, *how* do they manage to lose them? And what ratio of spares do they have? And why is it always the Circle?

ETA: Oh, no delays now... I presume they found more trains, possibly down the back of the sofa?

(Viccy's got Signal failure instead. *Don't* get me started on the "functional redundancy" rant)

From: cookwitch
Date: June 12th, 2007 - 05:36 pm (Link)
The whole point is that there are no rules - it's all made up on the spur of the moment as far as I'm concerned.
From: 7rin
Date: June 12th, 2007 - 06:02 pm (Link)
Yeah, I go some of that, only the ex-hubby also got the rule book (which I DIDN'T finish reading) and so I know there're some side-skirted rules that can be over-thrown by others but also some that can't - thus I always just ask if I can play Mc yet since sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. ;)
From: 7rin
Date: June 12th, 2007 - 06:07 pm (Link)
Go = got
Mc = MC

Me = at least semi-pissed. :)