Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote,
Grin with cat attached


1) Climbing was good tonight - not that either of us (me even less) was at our most graceful, partly due to some rather creative route setting and even more inventive grading. Still, it's fun just to hang out and relax, and it all slowly leads to improved technique and strength.
All the tubes were actually running on the way back, too, which helped.

2) Having got the nabaztag at least partly operational at work (reliably, easy API in our codebase ($bunny->setEarPos(naba::EAR_POS_HZT,naba::EAR_POS_HZT), $bunny->say("Your code sucks")), still waiting from the remote API to be unblocked), I've developed the disturbing habit of referring to it as "the new team member" and responding to it. But I was never that sane to start with.

3) I'm assuming the surveyor actually turned up, as *today's* note was that the gasman needs to come while I'm at work on Wendesday. So I guess I'll be tidying the place again tomorrow night - just *about* finished the unpacking.

4) My parents, on hearing I'm upgrading to a new Mac lappy, have offered the old one a home. I feel I've taught them well, but I'm keeping the powerbook as it's extremely portable & convenient.

5) Sleep now. Didn't quite get enough last night, due to a nasty resurgence of the cold on Sunday and a coughing fit at 5am this morning. Plus the f'ing 8am meeting, although people were clearly listening to me and paying attention. Just have to make sure I don't end up running the place...
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