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Non-starter Nov. 10th, 2007 04:34 pm
Hrm... today could, I suppose, be categorised as a bit of an under-acheivement; I woke about 0800 after having been up chatting 'til almost 1am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I geeked awhile before tidying the place a touch, having a couple view the flat, and heading out, all while feeling a touch tired. Not, however, exhausted, just not really wishing to attempt much mental heavy lifting.

Stopped by the Apple store to get a slightly less fraught look at the iPhone accessories (last night was a media scrum and the dozen Apple staff at the door had all been told to holler constantly. I can take iPhone hype at least as well as most people, but running the gauntlet of staff chanting 'iPhone! iPhone! iPhone!' was more than I needed.)

Then a bagel for lunch (my appetite's a bit dead at the moment) and down to the Natural History Museum to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit - which, I discovered after queuing to get in the door, was sold out. At that point, feeling a touch tired, my clean flat and comfy sofa seemed a good option, so I headed back home.

And now the obligatory iPhone bit, which might be useful to anyone planning to buy one:

1) If you want to transfer your number, ordering your PAC a week in advance would be a good idea. Apparently they last for 30 days anyway. Conversely, if you can't get the PAC before buying, you should be able to transfer your number up to 15 days after starting a new contract (I am told this but am not yet able to prove it).

2) You *can* pay cash for the iPhone, or at least they were allowing it last night.

3) You still have to go through a credit check for O2, which happens after you've bought the phone and while you're activating it via iTunes (for which you'll need address and bank info). What happens if you fail, I don't know.

4) The O2 data package is apparently *genuinely* unlimited, in that it does not have "fair use" limits. These were removed a couple of days before launch.

5) The bluetooth headset is not included. Apparently you can't use bluetooth keyboards with the phone either?

6) The audio jack socket is a standard 4-way (Left,Right, Microphone, Earth) 3.5 phono jack, but there's a thin collar / tube around the socket so you'll need an adaptor to use it with normal ear/headphones. There's an in-store choice of a 7quid Griffin adaptor that doesn't include a handsfree mic, or a 30-something quid one fron Shure that does. Or you can get isolating headphones with a built-in mic from v-moda, which seem decent. Oh, and the button on mic on this last apparently acts to pause music playback in *some* circumstances. There are volume control buttons on the phone itself.

7) Typing passwords (eg mail, WPA) into the device is a SOD. The keyboard is tricky at first, has no caps-lock, and all passwords are typed in obscured, so you have to *really* concentrate.

8) Safari can crash (and it'll sync a crash report to your desktop to send to Apple), but is generally extremely stable and astoundingly usable.

9) The phone comes with a basic cloth-bag case; first thing I bought, besides the above mentioned headphones (my old isolator pair having fallen apart the day before) was a side-loading belt case and a screen guard. There are plenty of options for accessories at the Apple store.

10) EDGE data transfer really doesn't seem too bad, but then I'm used to an old GPRS? Treo.

11) I don't think you can use an iPhone as a datamodem for a laptop; I'm unlikely to need to try.

12) The email client is pretty good, and can read HTML emails and attached PDFs very smoothly. Mail on OSX however, with which it's supposed to sync, sucks compared to Thunderbird.

If anyone has any queries, feel free to ask - I'm unlikely to stop talking about it for a while anyway.

From: webcowgirl
Date: November 12th, 2007 - 11:16 am (Link)
How funny. I was wondering last night if you'd got an Iphone this weekend.