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Efficiencies in customer service (a tale in 32 bits) Nov. 14th, 2007 08:30 pm
To transfer your old number to an iPhone on O2:

!) Call your own network's customer support.

2) Wait for them to send out a PAC code, which is sent to every other network provider electronically, by post.

3) Receive PAC code. Look on the O2 website for a customer service number.

4) Some time later, give up looking for a customer service number. Find the activation email from apple, click the link onto the O2 iphone site, search through that for a number.

5) Find number, call it, provide PAC. Get told that you have to submit the PAC via a form on the website, to which, the O2 site being un-navigable, you are directed click-by-click

6) Hang up, start filling out data. Get to the point where it asks for the SIM number. Hunt around all documentation, packaging and phone menus for a SIM number. Discover that it ain't there, unless they mean the IMEI or the phone's serial number.

7) Grit teeth, search for paperclip.

8) Insert paperclip into hole in SIM tray in top of iPhone. Observe no reaction.

9) Push alarmingly harder. Sim tray pops out.

10) Insert bloody long number from SIM into form.

11) Submit form.

12) Form complains that 'Any additional comments?' field is empty.

13) Put '...' in comments field.

14) Submit form again.

15) Form bails out and sends you the start of the (multi-page) help form again.

16) Re-insert all data. Get to third page and realise this is now the generic help form, NOT the PAC entry form.

17) While doing this, phone Orange iPhone support again, to confirm exactly what they mean by the SIM number.

18) While waiting on hold for that, find the right form again and start filling it out.

19) Discover you're through to apple support, who can't help.

20) Identify self by providing registration email address. No, the other one.

21) Get transferred to O2 support.

22) Identify self and answer insecurity question.

23) Provide current O2 number, old phone number and PAC code.

24) PAC code is verified against old number. It fails.

25) Decline to hang up and talk to Orange support, instead verify old phone number and PAC code that O2 support heard.

26) PAC code verifies.

27) Get *given* your SIM number, which is the first 5 of 7 rows from the SIM (or 4 of 6 or so).

28) Having confirmed that O2 support know all required details and can validate them electronically, get told that they can't handle number transfers online.

29) Request that O2 support stay on line while you finish up the form (see 18), not forgetting the '...' in the comments field.

30) Watch the form submit successfully with the message of "Thank you. Your request has been sent to our Customer Service Team and we aim to give you an answer within 24 hours."

31) Confirm with O2 support that that's as successful as it gets, and that the transfer will take "5 working days". And that you'll have to turn the iPhone off around then.

32) Sit back, relax, and be glad that we live in an age of integrated technologies.

From: nisaba
Date: November 14th, 2007 - 09:30 pm (Link)
O2's customer 'service' and website suck great big hairy moldy sweaty festering crates of dogs' bollocks. Which is why I left.
From: wechsler
Date: November 14th, 2007 - 09:39 pm (Link)
I'm sure someone will tell me that about every phone company, if not so eloquently...
From: reddragdiva
Date: November 15th, 2007 - 01:33 am (Link)
I am shocked to admit that Vodafone have been nothing but efficient and lovely in my dealings with them. I realise I am probably just lucky so far.