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Brains considered harmful Nov. 23rd, 2007 11:06 am
Could anyone who does not posess knowledge, information or material "likely to be of use to terrorists" please raise their hands? That way the rest of us can be safely shipped off to de-education camps while those remaining compete for places on Big Brother

From: sashajwolf
Date: November 23rd, 2007 - 04:28 pm (Link)
*looks at science bookshelf* I suppose there might be something about neurotoxins in the OU oceanography/marine biology textbook.

*looks at religion bookshelf* That one, on the other hand, has a copy of the Koran and several copies of the Bible, some of which is considerably more bloodthirsty.

*looks at law bookshelf* And that one has several books on the Middle East and several more on liberal political philosophy.

Yup, it can only be a matter of time before we get a knock on the door.