Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote,
Grin with cat attached

Ah, progress

Sod the headphones, at least I've finally got *dialup* to work. Gods it's slow though! Finally found the failover details from the ADSL service at my old flat - which I'll need to migrate ASAP, once the phone's proven stable (Monday will do). ( I *was* using some free dialup accounts before this but mail simply did not download. Now, it seems to.)

Also appears that the phone extension cable I've had on 'til now has a broken wire so the phone didn't ring. Have replaced this and tested it, and phone rings. Discovering this saves me from having BT charge me 50 quid to tell me the same thing.

Also, despite my flat being pretty much immune to EM radiation, I've discovered that if I stick the phone on the top windowsill it gets a signal. Quite what good this does if I can't sit up there with it is a subject of some debate.

Am now going to play C&C3 for a bit, have dinner, and try and re-order this place a bit. This last task is going to be an Augean Stables sort of thing, although I've now measured up my gap (?!?) and decided what I need from Ikea; I may even be able to go and pick it up tomorrow morning. So, annoyed about the headphones (though there's a cheaper spare pair around somewhere, theoretically), but generally heading in the right direction.

(last 2 posts were from phone. this one by dialup. I *still* have better connectivity outside my home than in it though).
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