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Uncaring Jun. 19th, 2002 09:49 am
Friday: Solstice. Doing nothing for it; just can't care.
Sunday: Birthday. Doing nothing for it; just can't care.

Work: Take a guess.

I know I'm often more depressed in the mornings; but I've been exhausted for the last 3 days. They really need to tell me wtf's going on here soon, before I lose it. I don't even know if I want to go, or stay. Work sucks, but all work probably will. If I can find any; but then there's the financial bonus... *shrugs*

Slightly odd note this morning; got offered a lift by builders when cycling in. I'd just overtaken them for the third time. Hence my response: "Ta, but I'm going faster than you anyway".

From: duranorak
Date: June 19th, 2002 - 02:14 am (Link)
~sigh~ ~hugs and things~ ~supportive-type-gestures~ ~love~ ~hopefulness~


*large feline hug*

From: wechsler
Date: June 19th, 2002 - 02:18 am (Link)
Happy birthday, don't let me mope it out; enjoy yourself and cheer me up by telling me that you are ;)

And welcome to the adult world, by some strange arbitrary number-boundary-type-thing.


From: duranorak
Date: June 19th, 2002 - 02:27 am (Link)
~purrs happily~ Well, it's been a wonderful day so far, and goodness knows having your card sitting there has made it even better.
Thank you; I love you. Mope all you need or want to - just having you around makes my life go better, and you know it.
~hugs and kittenkisses~ ~scritches gently~ Look after yourself.

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From: nevla
Date: June 19th, 2002 - 02:43 am (Link)
Your birthday this w/e?
Mine's coming up soon too, and I'm not bothered much either.
You know where i'll be Friday, and i dare say i'll be wandering around Camridge on Saturday during the day if you fancy a pint.
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From: wechsler
Date: June 19th, 2002 - 04:05 am (Link)
If that's the greatest of my acheivements I think I'll give up now.
From: valkyriekaren
Date: June 19th, 2002 - 10:00 am (Link)
We can discuss this properly face-to-face, but... do you *really* want not to do anything for your birthday, or are you just feeling apathetic? Becuase I'd love to make a big fuss of you and let you know how special you are and how much it means to me to have you in my life, but if you don't want me to make a fuss I won't and will just give you hugs or something instead.

And do you still want me to meet your parents tomorrow?