Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote,
Grin with cat attached

"Admit defeat gracefully? Fuck off."

So, a few of those who backed the winner of the mayoral voter have come out with that old chestnut that the rest of us should "admit defeat gracefully".

Telling people this is harmful to political involvement and the antithesis of democracy. Democratic opinion and expression don't end with an election. We saw much the same calls when, and since, Bush got in - a combination of an "appeal for non-partisan politics" and the message that "you're so lucky to live in a democracy that you should shut up and not be so ungrateful as to actually have an opinion".

As for writing to elected representatives? Yeah, good plan, that's why I helped write that part of FaxYourMP. But it's a pretty weak tool, unfortunately; if you've got a jobsworth party member for your representative they'll happily ignore you.

Democracy doesn't always give the best result (particularly with an apathetic turnout), and education doesn't always lead to intelligence. I'm not going to "admit defeat gracefully" because 53% of 45% of a media-led mob can't tell whether they're voting for a celebrity, a government or a mayor. Much of the early media coverage in particular (beyond the selection that was just completely biased), gave the impression that there were only two choices. None of the mass coverage really looked at the critical issues in depth, it was all about soundbites, arguments, digging for mistakes or "punishing the government".

Boris couldn't even accept his victory gracefully. I'm not going to take it any better.
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