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Policy 1 May. 7th, 2008 12:34 pm

Now to see:

- How it's implemented.
- Who's supposed to be enforcing it.
- Whether they do, or can.

From: hairyears
Date: May 7th, 2008 - 01:08 pm (Link)
Hmmm... It's another case of being seen 'solving' a problem that already has effective solutions available if only they were implemented.

Teenage drinking accounts for much of it - and it comes as a shock to see 14-year old schoolgirls swigging vodka from the bottle on their way to the West End - but there's a legal power to detain underage drinkers already.

As for the rest, it's rowdy drunks who are the problem, and there are already perfectly adequate laws to deal with being drunk and disorderly - or drunk and incapable - if, and only if, someone bothers to enforce them.

Better still, abusive behaviour can get you removed from the train, bus or tube and banned from all TFL property and services - drunk or sober. Have I used the word 'Already' enough times yet?

This nonsense of enacting more laws which we know aren't going to be enforced, compounding our contemptible disregard for the existing ones, is a waste of time and money and it brings the legislative process into disrepute.