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From the department of Putting Things On Top Of Other Things May. 10th, 2008 11:43 pm
Urgh, that the time already? I seem to have spent virtually every spare minute (and a few late nights) in the last week clearing my flat up - sorting, tidying, cleaning, and in large part, Throwing Away. This included a trip to Ikea today - great day for it, everyone else was out enjoying the sun so it was really quiet. Of course, they didn't have eveything I needed but I managed to improvise most things and picked up a bunch of storage.

The flat's still a ways from spotless, but more critically it's organised. It's a much smaller place than where I've lived in the past, so finding space for everything - and discarding what I don't need - has been an ongoing process for months. As T was in Florida this week I thought I'd take the chance for a extra onslaught and try and finish it off. No quite, but it won't take a lot longer.

I very much like this flat - I'm also very fond of Putney; it's pleasantly green and suburban - so it feels good to have be getting the place set up the way I like it.

But now, if I can stop sneezing from my hayfever and all the dust I've kicked up, I need sleeeeeeeeep!